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About WTE Solutions

Two and a half decades in, WTE, created by Eric and Tommie in '97, stands as a testament to the art of solving technical, marketing, and entrepreneurial puzzles. From the titans of healthcare and banking to your favorite curbside eatery, we've been the silent architects behind countless triumphs. Today's digital-first victories aren't just about problem-solving; they're about crafting legacies, creating movements, and leading change. Our journey has taught us a profound truth: real success is mutual. It grows organically, and, with intention and grit, it self-perpetuates. And in that dance of give and take, we all thrive.

WTE’s website design and software development maestros, rooted in the USA, have gracefully choreographed digital-first ballets you may have used. Our collaborations extend from the stock exchange to spirited startups and SMBs. We craft digital symphonies with OpenAI's ChatGPT, Web3, Blockchain, and information architecture, ready for what's happening next. Whether that harmony springs from AWS cloud computing cadence, Cisco's and CBTS’s security orchestra, or the avant-garde compositions from OpenAI's ChatGPT AI, we deploy tech that automates and anchors.

What's at the heart of WTE?

A relentless drive to stabilize through innovation. We love to do what we love, and we love helping clients discover new ways to use technology (especially artificial intelligence) to save time and money through automation because in our digital-first world every interaction matters. 

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Young techie photo by Mart Production

(this isn't really) a young Eric Garrison, CEO / CTO


Eric Garrison: The Digital Whisperer

One of Eric’s friends, a former P&G and M&M/Mars marketer, calls him a “marketing technologist” and an artisan of the digital age. With a foot in intricate coding and digital marketing finesse, Eric has become a compass helping companies navigate the digital world. Eric started in the binary trenches, coding the fabric of our digital-first universe. Yet, he quickly grasped a crucial truth: coding without connection is merely transaction. By weaving tech and tale, he crafts digital narratives that captivate, connect, and convert.

The Digital Game: It's About Heart

We have one enduring passion in the ever-shifting digital landscape: weaving together tech and artistry to craft meaningful connections. Our lives and livelihood are about more than just designing websites, developing software, or venturing into the vast clouds of the tech universe. We live to help you curate and share experiences that resonate deeply, capturing hearts and igniting loyalties.

"Do what you love with people who share that spark," has been a great guide. Spotting those who wear their passions like a badge isn't tricky. There’s a gleam in the eye, a vivacity that whispers tales of purpose-driven endeavors.

Eric Garrison, our captain at the helm, is more than an innovator. He's a storyteller whose seamlessly melded code paints illustrious journeys. But here's our little secret: the soul of WTE Solutions lies in its crew. The longevity of our team, many boasting 15+ years with us, mirrors that of our cherished and beloved clientele.

So, if your heart races for what you do, and you're navigating the intricate labyrinths of tech and digital marketing (and in today's world, who isn't?), we'd be thrilled to join your voyage. We've navigated alongside luminaries like Louise from New Home Guide Charleston and Stefanie, The Stock Whisperer. At the same time, collaborations with incredible partners like Jennifer Jones at CBTS and Auburn Holbrook at OPEX Technologies enriches our tapestry, lives, and meaning.

Your story and passion are the next chapter we're eager to explore. You In?


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