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Eric Garrison

Eric Garrison

I've always been into technology...even before the field of computers was popular.  In 1985 I got my first Macinosh computer. While in college, I would make money building systems and deploying them to various clients. My first paid programmming job came when I was just 17 years old as part of the Computer Engineering program at the University of Central Florida. But perhaps I learned more in less time at MIT's Sloan School of Management's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) program and the University of California at San Deigo's Big Data school.  

Before starting our technology and consulting business, I was Director of Online Services at Fleer/SkyBox, a division of Marvel Comics. I grew up reading Marvel's comic books, so creating the company's online division when the Internet was new was almost a dream job. I say "almost" because, like my father, I wanted to do my own thing. That's why I left the Amazing Spider-Man to start WTE Solutions.

Prior to owning PointShop, I served as CTO of MediaSpan Group. The company’s platform hosted approximately 600 radio station websites and thirty newspaper customers. While over the Infrastructure, Development, Information Technology, Client Services, and Professional Services departments, MediaSpan acquired eight different companies during a 2 ½ year period and I helped merge them together.

Prior to MediaSpan, I had started and sold a number of B2C eCommerce companies. As Director of Online Services at Marvel Comics, I formed their online division and was technical director over numerous multimedia projects and CD ROM based games. Also in my career, I got to do lots of other fun things in the entertainment and sports space, working closely with Alan Iverson and Tim Duncan during their rookie years to launch their first websites. Over the years a number of large and small businesses, celebrities, sports stars, and entertainment-based contacts have worked with my companies to build their very successful online presences. 

We get paid to solve tomorrow's technological challenges, and I can't imagine having more fun or excitement. It turns out that solving today's technical mysteries sets up tomorrow's puzzles, so we've created my dream job - WTE Solutions. 


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