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Patrick Dieudonne

Patrick Dieudonne

I'm a first-generation Haitian American from the great state of New Jersey. After college, I worked in Finance and Human Resources, followed by a stint in education as a teacher before working on a food truck. My work history, like my life, is a twist of unique experiences and shenanigans. When I was the general manager of a food truck, I used MOBLZ and loved how much sense the application made. MOBLZ is a great scheduling tool, and it made my job on the truck easier. Unfortunately, the food truck I worked for went out of business, a fate I'd like to help other trucks avoid, so I accepted a position as the MOBLZ Program Coordinator. I am here for my family, sports, and everything internet-related. I'm married, and our first baby is on the way, so our 3-year-old dog that my wife says will always be a puppy is about to have company. 


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