iOS 11's SOS feature

Author: Eric Garrison

Oct 04, 2017

Apple recently released iOS v11 and it brings with it a lot of new features. There is one new feature that may be an actual life saver. You may have seen my Blog / LinkedIn Article about the Emergency Contact feature, but this is even more important than that.

This new feature allows users to discreetly ring emergency services by clicking the "sleep/wake button" five times in close succession. That is the button on the right side of most newer iPhones. This feature calls 911 and sends them e911 location information. The phone will also send the emergency contacts you list and SMS that you are in trouble.For those who've ever felt threatened while walking home late at night or had to cross a dark parking lot alone, the ability to make an emergency phone call without even unlocking your home screen is a game changer.

Setting this up is very easy. Here is how to get started: