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CBTS partnerships produce results

Category: Cloud

Cloud computing is rapidly changing everything from how we back up mission-critical information to creating new applications. That’s why WTE partners with nimble companies such as Cincinnati-based CBTS to craft solutions to produce meaningful results.

WTE Solutions provides a full-service suite of web development, Webhosting and management capabilities to clients ranging in size from food trucks to Fortune 100 healthcare companies and banks. Unfortunately, WTE's client portfolio outgrew its expensive network, so they searched for a solution.The company required a cost-effective NaaS and cloud infrastructure to support its custom software suite, web development, web hosting, and database architecture offerings.

The company's diverse and geographically dispersed team oversees a portfolio of small to medium-sized businesses and larger clients across industries while operating two data centers and cloud infrastructure. However, older network technology struggled to keep up with the company's growing needs. As a result, WTE Solutions needed to partner with a professional, flexible, and agile IT support, network maintenance, and cloud infrastructure provider to continue its reputation for exceptional service.

CBTS Solutions

WTE Solutions partnered with CBTS to implement a fully managed, cloud-based NaaS solution to support operations, reduce and reassign costs, and remove daily maintenance time and resource burdens. Powered by Cisco Meraki technology, CBTS NaaS delivers a flexible, fast network with improved performance, security, and return on investment (ROI).

Easy-to-scale CBTS NaaS stays ahead of WTE’s growing need for bandwidth and locations. Meraki’s single-pane-of-glass dashboard, a centralized cloud-based hub with real-time data and network analytics, means WTE’s team manages their new network from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. In addition, CBTS supplements WTE’s technical expertise with experienced engineers available around-the-clock for network maintenance, support, and client Q&A.

Thanks to WTE's CBTS partnership, profits are up while costs are down. Moreover, WTE's new NaaS is as future-proof as possible in the ever-changing cloud space with sustainable and easy-to-control growth and nimble adaptation.

By implementing CBTS NaaS, WTE improved network's redundancy, performance, and visibility. Meraki's single-pane-of-glass real-time from anywhere on any device tech, a dashboard WTE uses to manage multiple customer networks, gives WTE's clients freedom to focus their time and resources on mission-critical business goals. WTE knows a rising tide capable of lifting all boats happens when their client's profits are up.

“At WTE Solutions, our goals are interconnected with our customers. That’s why we care about finding great partners like CBTS, partners capable of helping our company exceed customer expectations. With CBTS’s help proactively managing our network, we focus on our clients. When there is an issue, and there have been a few as there always is with technology, CBTS is there, so we’ve learned not to worry about fixing every problem because we have a capable, expert, helpful partner in CBTS.”

– Eric Garrison, CEO WTE Solutions

Transform your business performance with NaaS

Network as a Service (NaaS) provides businesses with a scalable method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing today’s commercial networks. Leveraging our partnership with CBTS, we can deploy a fully managed networking solution with cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, and SD-WAN. Whether a single, retail location or a multi-site operation, NaaS delivers the features required to support the unique needs of every customer. Download the CBTS white paper on a flexible networking solutions with always-on support for an auto retailer with 16 sites looking to reduce their reliance on expensive MPLS connections.

With CBTS, we design disaster recovery solutions to keep your business running

It's no secret that IT teams are already strapped for time and resources, so the thought of implementing the kind of robust disaster recovery plan needed to keep your business safe often seems like an impossible task. The truth is many diasters can quickly knock out your entire corporate network or database, and cause severe, if not irreversible consequences.

Paying ransom only gets you some of your data. According to Sophos, The State of Ransonware from a 2021 study, only 65% of data can often be restored after paying a ransom.

Why managed Disaster Recovery (DS)?

  • Time: a managed DR solution gives your team the valuable asset of time to focus on the initiatives that provide business growth.
  • Money: onsite DR solutions require significant investment and expensive idle storage space.
  • Expertise: experienced dedicated team members oversee your disaster recovery solution, and if a problem occurs, they're there to rapidly respond.
  • Access and Control: unlike in-house DR, in the case of a natural disaster, you'll still be able to access your data to seamlessly work from another location.

Managed Disaster Recovery solutions with WTE Solutions and CBTS provide your company with a fully managed testing program and recovery service that includes:

  • exercise coordination and planning, logistics, and project management.
  • consumption-based and flexible support in the time of need.
  • fully documented recovery plan and annual testing.
  • post-test reports with results and recommendations.
  • a letter of attestation of disaster recovery exercise performance and success.
  • a tailored solution for a fully managed end-to-end disaster recovery solution.

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