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Crafting new solutions in unified, modern data service

Category: Cloud

As a certified Microsoft partner WTE creates innovative solutions using Microsoft's infrastructure, networking, office automation, ecommerce, collaboration, business intelligence, and cloud software and products. We also offer Microsoft consulting, training, implementation, hosting, and support services.

We use the Azure cloud platform's more than 200 products to craft new solutions to solve today's tech challenges and create the future, especially when it comes to helping our clients get more from their data with a unified, modern data service. WTE builds, runs, and manages applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with a variety of tools, infrastructures, frameworks, and tech.

Microsoft Cloud framework image
With Microsoft Azure cloud solutions, WTE can help accelerate business insights and decision making using technology solutions like Azure Synapse to modernize your analytics infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs, and speed up analytics reporting to manage inventory, leads, and more. With the Azure migration and modernization center, we have programs and workload-specific tools and resources that will support your workload migration scenarios, extend your technology invesments to the cloud, and take advantage of enhanced security features and cost savings, helping your business quickly adapt to changing business needs and unforeseen challenges.