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VMWARE rocks your cloud and application future

Category: Cloud

VMware is a WTE partner and a great cloud and application resource. The clouds, there is more than one “cloud,” changes how we code, modify, store applications, and build and host websites. So, if you read the opening sentence as the clouds change everything, you got it, and we may have a gift for understatement.

In Driving Digital Business with App and Cloud Transformation, one of the best eBooks we’ve read (link in resources at the bottom of the page), VMware explains where we are now in clear, concise, and understandable ways.

Digital-First Future Happening Now

Here is what VMware learned after speaking to more than 1,200 C level executives in leading companies.

  • 71% of VMware customers prioritizing and expanding investment in digital-first customer and employee models.
  • Companies are reinventing their businesses with clear expansions in core cloud and “modern app” investments.
  • The cloud is shifting IT relationship to businesses accelerating creation and delivery of new services while “bringing unprecedented innovation to developers.
  • How an idea becomes reality will never be the same because the cloud makes it easier to gain insights from vast amounts of data (Big Data) because the cloud is an innovation accelerant.

Legacy’s Evolution

VWware knows that despite how the cloud accelerates everything from development to hosting, legacy systems don't evolve without time, resources, and money (lots and lots of money). Three things hamper moving to "modern applications" and away from legacy systems.

  • Many legacy applications programmed with archaic code such as Cobol, Fortran, or Pascal may break in unfixable ways soon.
  • Modernizing legacy systems is costly, complex, and disruptive.
  • Developers are scarce on two fronts - legacy system maintenance and programmers capable of creating “modern” applications.

The last bullet may be the most critical for several reasons. First, legacy programmers are retiring, and since no one learns Cobol these days, keeping old systems alive will prove increasingly challenging. Next, finding "cloud smart" developers is a challenge because we are betwixt and between - multi-cloud environments will dominate our websites, applications, and security soon, but we haven't arrived at the digital-first future yet.

Our Modern Application Future

Applications are the warps and wefts of our digital-first future; the threads businesses will use to build their brands, websites, content, and marketing. VMware’s great graphics explain how apps will organize the world soon.


Embrace modern development 
using APIs and microservices.


Accelerate development of modern apps with more security

Cloud Infrastructure

Redefine IT foundations with cloud capabilities and architecture.

Embracing modern development with the cloud, microservices, and Applications Program Interfaces (APIs) is what VMware and WTE are all about.