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SalesForce leads the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) pack. CRM software helps businesses track customer interactions to nurture relationships, so prospects become customers. Arguably, SalesForce is the leading Client Management Platform (CMP) too. CMPs connect sales leads, customers, and relationship management in the cloud using business rules, artificial intelligence (AI), and dashboards to speed CRM intelligence into active and profitable client management.

WTE uses our three-legged programming approach - Lego-like Code, Extreme Programming, and Agile Development – to incorporate the SalesForce Applications Program Interface (API) so our customers use SalesForce in innovative, productive, and profitable ways.

  • Lego-Like Code – we code in blocks with hooks to facilitate connection to other blocks or Applications Program Interfaces (APIs).
  • Extreme Programming (XP) - we use Kent Beck’s pragmatic programming approach outlined in his book Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change. XP emphasizes business results and a get-something-started NOW while committing to continual testing and revisions to speed the development of new products, applications, and solutions.
  • Agile Software Development – develop new products in partnership with customers and end-users using self-organizing cross-functional teams.

Our three-legged approach is increasingly crucial as sales, marketing, and content automation press for systems, applications, and Information Technology (IT) to react faster with more salient intelligence to win customers hearts and minds.

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