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Cynthia DeStefano

Cynthia DeStefano

Human Resources & Finance


As WTE's Human Resources & Finance Operations Manager I do a little of everything. A typical day, though typical isn't how I usually describe most days, finds me juggling client services, marketing, human resources, finance, and project management. 


Human Resources and Operations Management.


I'm one of WTE's founders. My degree is in Business Administration focused on operations quality control and human resource management. My career began managing press communications for a local chapter of the American Red Cross. I've also worked in print media and graphic design, a natural fit for WTE's initial newspaper clientele.

In the early Internet days, around 1997, I ran operations for one of three companies in the United States selling DVD movies online, a unique novelty then and gone now. The experience selling DVDs was another excellent fit for WTE's ecommerce clients.

Over the years, I've worked with media franchises, music labels, and movie studios to promote artists and movies for direct-to-market and theater premieres. For example, working with the Country Stars marketing team, I helped launch the career of Billboard Music Award and Academy of Country Music Award-winning artist Blake Shelton with his debut album. In addition, I promoted several other notable country music artists. I also created marketing contests for major movie debuts like Harry PotterDespicable MeSpiderman, and Dwayne Johnson's (The Rock) Skyscraper. These experiences bring a unique knowledge base and skills to our company, clients, and partners.


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