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Eric Garrison

Eric Garrison



While I may be more hands-on than some Chief Executive Officers, I still do the "vision thing." For more than twenty-five years, WTE Solutions has helped hundreds of customers, from churches to Fortune 500 companies, find, create, and implement technical solutions. Solving tomorrow's technological challenges is complex, confusing, and often frustrating; but solving puzzles is also fun, exciting, and rewarding. 


Over the years I've gained expertise in areas such as SD-WAN, cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes clusters, and F5 Load balanced HA environments running on VMware clusters, by deploying these technical stacks many times for different customers. I've also acted as Virtual Chief Technical Officier (VCTO) for several startups. Since tehnology is a means to achieve some greater end, I've also learned marketing, strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and custom application development and more allowing for combined skills to achieve our clients' goals and exceed their expectations.  


My father was an entrepreneur who owned laundromats in Florida. I grew up helping my Dad, so perhaps my love of technology came from time spent trying to get a washer or dryer back online. I was part of the Computer Engineering program at the University of Central Florida. I went on to earn additional levels of edication in MIT's Sloan School of Management's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) program and at the University of California at San Deigo's Big Data school.  

Before starting our technology and consulting business, I was Director of Online Services at Fleer/SkyBox, a division of Marvel Comics. I grew up reading Marvel's comic books, so creating the company's online division when the Internet was new was almost a dream job. I say "almost" because, like my father, I wanted to do my own thing. That's why I left the Amazing Spider-Man to start WTE Solutions.

We go to work each day to solve tomorrow's technological challenges, and I can't imagine having more fun or excitement. It turns out that solving today's technical mysteries sets up tomorrow's puzzles, so we've created my dream job - WTE Solutions. 


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