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Patrick Dieudonne

Patrick Dieudonne

MOBLZ Program Coordinator


Schedule events for food trucks, other mobile businesses, and property managers for MOBLZ.com. Create content for the MOBLZ and WTE social media channels. I get to eat incredible foods from my favorite trucks and find new ways social media and content marketing can work together to support property managers, food truck and mobile service business owners, and foodies like me.


Social media marketing, being a foodie, and building relationships. I am an avid sports, music, and pop culture fan.


I'm a first-generation Haitian American from the great state of New Jersey. After college, I worked in Finance and Human Resources, followed by a stint in education as a teacher before working on a food truck. My work history, like my life, is a twist of unique experiences and shenanigans. When I was the general manager of a food truck, I used MOBLZ and loved how much sense the application made. MOBLZ is a great scheduling tool, and it made my job on the truck easier. Unfortunately, the food truck I worked for went out of business, a fate I'd like to help other trucks avoid, so I accepted a position as the MOBLZ Program Coordinator for WTE. I am here for my family, sports, and everything internet-related. When I am not chasing down trucks by myself I enjoy spending time with my family chasing trucks together.


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