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Why WordPress is Bad for Business

Most businesses who choose to have a WordPress websites do so because they are looking for an inexpensive web solution that is easy to set-up and administer and on the surface, WordPress appears to be an adequate solution. In fact, some hosting companies offer WordPress to you pre-installed with your hosting order.

Unfortunately, there are some issues that buyers should be aware of including the ability to handle large number of pages, plug-in functionality, and security. A major limitation of using a WordPress site for your business is the limitation placed on pages. There’s a mounting body of evidence that WordPress doesn’t do a good job of handling a lot of pages. WTE Solutions content management system, AgileSite, runs a number of 1 million+ page websites. Not only can our websites handle millions of pages, search engines can easily index them and administrators can manage a large number of pages. So the real question becomes, can WordPress scale to handle high volume sites with a lot of traffic? It can, but you have to be extremely careful about how you implement it.

Plugins are extremely useful in solving problems or adding desired website functionality for WordPress users, but they are also one of the biggest problems with Wordpress and can create problems for your website. Plugins need to be updated constantly, and it is not clear whether they will work correctly afterword or cause your site to have issues that affect the user experience.

Beyond page limitations and plugin functionality, the single greatest concern with WordPress is security. Godaddy alone had more than 20,000 WordPress blogs compromised. Many of the sites got hit with an embedded virus in every PHP file on their website. Although most experts say that only 0.5% of WordPress websites have been infected, can you afford for your business to be one of them?

Another concern with WordPress websites is hacking. When a WordPress site is hacked, your content is erased and your site direct visitors to other sites, like adult sites. So not only do WordPress sites get hacked and spread viruses, but they potentially can ruin your site , which will have to be repopulated. Your visitors during the interim will be sent to other sites, hurting your credibility and potentially leading to the loss of customers. It can also ruin your Google ranking. When Google detects a virus on your site, they flag it as harmful. For example, if a blog is flagged by Google, it will look like this.

On April 23, 2012, a leading security firm identified the origins of the ‘Flashback’ Mac virus. The virus infected 600,000 Mac computers and the origin was a series of Wordpress blogs. If your company’s Website is using an unpatched PHP or Wordpress revision, you spreaded the virus and may be named in an upcoming class action lawsuit.