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Iron Chefs of Technology

Iron Chefs Cook Better

Imagine you sit down at chef Bobby Flay's Bobby's Burgers restaurant. You've waited a year for your turn to eat what some critics call the best burger in the world, and Bobby Flay is cooking tonight.

You like to cook and think of yourself as a foodie, so why not put on some whites, grab a spatula and replace someone trained to make the best burger in the world? But, of course, you wouldn't suggest such an absurd idea.

Because you can do something doesn't mean it is the right thing to do. Likewise, because WordPress, SquareSpace, and Shopify make creating websites easy doesn't mean that's the right thing for your company, brands, and products. But, like Bobby Flay's cooking, developing sites that win customers' hearts and minds, scale, and earn Google's respect is harder than hard, almost impossible feels appropriate.

Yes, there are templated websites making millions. Still, those sites are exceptions; they have hired or quickly learned digital marketing secrets you only know by being in the game, making mistakes, testing, and learning. Over twenty-five years, WTE has helped thousands of customers succeed online.

Our efforts to create an online brand didn't work, so we asked Eric and WTE to develop exciting solutions. The Stock Whisperer experienced a great return on our WTE investment.Stephanie Kammerman, Founder and CEO



Cooking Together

Responsive web design should tell stories in words, pictures, graphics, and videos with coding for the fast page loads Google demands. That's why we balance WTE's services and solutions between front and backend:

  • Social Media Marketing
    Social media crushes television, so learning to tell social stories is crucial.

  • Apps & Software
    Your websites need custom software and application support.

  • Ecommerce
    Learn why Amazon hasn't killed online commerce.

  • Web Design
    Your content and stories look amazing on any screen.

  • Content Marketing
    Discover how content and community in a box can help tell your online stories.

  • Information Architecture
    In an API and microservice time, your relational database structure, and connectivity matters because the cloud changes everything.

After solving customers' digital, marketing and integration problems from the simple to the crazy for more than twenty-five years, we've learned to cook online like Bobby Flay. So what can we cook together? 

How WTE Cooks - Our Three Legged Approach

Our 3 legged approach

Technical innovations in cloud computing, microservices, and Applications Program Interfaces (APIs) influenced WTE founder Eric Garrison to create a distinctive three-legged programming approach – Lego-like Code, Extreme Programming, and Agile Methodology.

  • Lego-Like Code
    We code in blocks with hooks to facilitate connection to other code blocks, applications program interfaces (APIs), and microservices.

  • Extreme Programming (XP)
    WTE adopted KentBeck's pragmatic programming approach outlined in his book Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change. XP emphasizes business results and a get-something-started NOW while committing to continual testing and revisions to speed the development of new products, applications, and solutions.

  • Agile Software Development
    Agile methodology develops new software, apps, and websites in partnership with customers and end-users using self-organizing cross-functional teams.

We use AWS and other cloud partners such as Google Cloud and Meraki to safely code, test, and host websites, applications, and “virtual” servers.

Amazon Web Services  Google Cloud Platform (GCP)  Cisco Meraki