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Building systems that transform your data

Data Engineering Services

Data Modernization

Radically improve your business intelligence and decision-making by transforming your access to your data by modernizing data silos and legacy systems.

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AI & Machine Learning

Let us show you how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather data and use it to learn and do more.

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Database Design & Engineering

Creating, implementing and maintaining a business's data management systems is a crucial step in your software development life cycle.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our strategies and technologies analyze business information and transform it into actionable insights to information your strategic and tactical business decisions.

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Big Data

Larger, more complex data sets, especially from new data sources, are too voluminous for traditional data processing software to manage.

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Data Engineering

Today, data is one of your company’s most significant assets. How to store, secure, and provide access to data are vital pieces of every company’s information architecture puzzle. This puzzle has two crucial parts – Cloud Transformation and Application Modernization. Cloud Transformation migrates data from localized or centralized data centers to the cloud. Application modernization transforms legacy systems such as accounting or Human Resources systems to run more efficiently and securely in the cloud.

If that explanation made no sense, you need us. And even if it did, big data isn't likely something you can handle on your own without database engineers, DBAs and a whole team of experts to protect your valuable information. We're certified in big data, handle terabyte databases every day, and can help you structure and manage your data whether for web application development, security, efficiency, or wherever else your need may lie.

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Additional Data Services

  • Data modelling and storage
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Data Analytics Dashboards
  • Microsfot SQL DB design and development
  • DBA services