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Reach out to potential new and repeat customers using a variety marketing tools.

​WTE Solutions provides AgileMail Pro as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution so our customers are free to focus on achieving their marketing goals while we focus on maintaining the technology. Whether you are sending one or one million emails, you can rest assured that you will be able to easily create, send, and track your email campaign so you can see in real time how your marketing dollars are working for you. See our datasheet for more info.

Key Benefits

When you send an email newsletter, the recipient should remember you and only you, and your message should be unique and professional looking.

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Features and Functionality

AgileMail Pro has great features to get you talking to those most important to you. Your customers!

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Customer Spotlight

Luggage Source

Luggage Source is the premiere online source for discounted, warrantied luggage. Luggage Source uses AgileMail Pro to send millions of emails a year. Letting their customers know what is new and exciting in the industry, along with great specials is critical. In this fast paced industry, reacting quickly is key.