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Social Media For Business: An Easy Guide - Part 1

By not having a proper social media presence, you could be missing out on a ton of new customers and valuable exposure for your business. As well as being a mostly free marketing outlet, social media can give you a competitive edge in your market, as well as reaching people you might not normally have access to. It also helps bring a personal touch to your business.

Before coming up with your plan of attack you should narrow down which platforms suit your business best. Your current demographic will play a large part in what will bring you the most value. Our Social Media Manager recently attended the virtual Better Business Social Media Semi-Summit that included a session on Establishing Your Social Media and brought us back some useful info. Here are the platforms that made our list:

NOTE: You do NOT need to be on every platform to be successful with social media.


Social Media Platforms:
  • Facebook: (25-54 yo)
  • Instagram:  (18-34 yo)
  • TikTok: For Brands and Influencers (10-29 yo)
  • Linkedin: for B2B and Non-Profits (25-34 yo)
  • Twitter: (18-29 yo)

Search Engines:
(The following are more search engines than social media platforms, but can still serve as useful tools)
  • YouTube: This is great for audiograms/podcasts or videos about the service your provide (26-56 yo)
  • Google My Business: Everyone should claim your business and make sure your info is up to date.
  • Pinterest: Tagging keywords in your captions will help users find you.

All your social media branding should be cohesive. This means picking the same logos, color palette, and header images to make your brand instantly recognizable when people see it. Make sure your tagline and business info is current and matches across all your social media accounts.

Make sure you have clear (and up to date) social links on all your marketing material. This includes your website, print marketing materials and especially business email signatures of all your employees. Make sure to drive traffic to active links only. If you no longer have certain platforms or update those platforms regularly, remove them from your marketing immediately.

Video and going live on social media can seem daunting to most. There are many ways to do this without having your face on screen and the algorithm loves this type of content. Make short videos of your products, show off your office or store, and especially video or live stream if you are present at an event.

Finally, here's a few amazing and FREE resources for content creation:
  • Canva: styling your social media posts
  • Adobe Spark:easy social media video creation
  • pixabay + unsplash: free images + royalty free stock
  • Linktree: condense all your business links to one place for your social media bio
  • bit.ly: URL shortener for those really long links

Tune in next week for parts 2 and 3 of this conversation where we talk about the best practices for creating a social media post and tracking the analytics of how you are doing on social media.