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Hawk Your Stack with StackHawk

Hawk Your Stack with StackHawk

Agile Application Security

StackHawk, a robust Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tool, is built specifically for developers. The tool enables developers to find, triage, and fix security bugs during the development phase instead of in the aftermath of a potential breach. What sets StackHawk a part from traditional security tools is its focus on the developer experience. It empowers developers, insteading of hindering them, by integrating seamlessly into their existing development pipelines.

Automation Made Simple

A standout feature of StackHawak is its automation. As we know, automation is becoming crucial for the tech industry's growth. StackHawk’s scanner can be plugged right into your CI/CD pipeline, automating security checks during each deployment and reducing the likelihood of security issues making it to production.

API Friendly

With the rise of microservices, APIs have become central to today's tech architectures. Acknowledging this trend, StackHawk has tailored its tools to be highly efficient when dealing with API security. It works brilliantly with REST, GraphQL, and SOAP APIs, helping you safeguard your digital services and ensure the safety of sensitive user data.

Open-Source Integration

Open-source software is at the heart of modern web development. This is where StackHawk excels. The platform integrates with various open-source tools like Docker and Kubernetes. It also uses open standards, including the OWASP ZAP project, for its scanning engine, ensuring compatibility and scalability across different tech stacks.

To conclude, StackHawk is quickly becoming a go-to solution for proactive developers aiming to ensure web application security without hampering their workflow. From API security to automation and open-source compatibility, StackHawk is a gamechanger in modern application security.