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Technology Solutions Sales Rep

This hands-on sales role handles all aspects of the sales process including prospecting, lead management, qualification, product demonstrations, evaluation, close and account care. This is a quota‐carrying sales position that plays an integral role in the success of the overall Professional Services team.

Some of the things you’ll be doing include …

  • Execute sales plans and manage sales pipeline through prospecting, qualifying, managing and closing sales opportunities nationwide (no travel required)
  • Manage and track customer and transactional information in a CRM system
  • Coordinate resources throughout the sales cycle, including product support and sales engineering
  • Provide initial product demonstrations and general support to prospective customers
  • Provide regular reporting of pipeline and forecast through the CRM system
  • Keep abreast of competition, competitive issues and products
  • Practice effective, excellent communication with management, customers and support staff

Key Requirements:

  • Amazing Salesperson - desire to help new business clients find the right solution to meet their needs while maximizing revenue.
  • Experienced - 2+ years sales and/or lead qualification experience (including outbound prospecting); technical or business focus background experience preferred.
  • Excellent Communication - able to communicate and collaborate as part of a team to identify and convey the right technology solutions for prospective clients.
  • Go-Getter - willing to go the extra mile with a strong work ethic; self-directed and resourceful.
  • Performer - consistent achievement of sales goals.

This position is based near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but sells nationwide.


To apply: send resume, cover letter and website portfolio to > jobs [[@]] wte.net

No placement agencies, head hunters, outsourced sales companies, lead generation companies, marketing companies, design companies, development companies, contractors, or out-of-state or off-shore applicants, please. Those submissions will not be considered.