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Welcome to WTE's Tech Talks!

Join Eric Garrison and the WTE Solutions team on our YouTube channel as we dive deep into the latest and greatest in tech. Get ready for in-depth discussions and reviews on smart home technology, home automation, cutting-edge gadgets, AI, gaming, and much more.

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Transcript This is Tech Talks - a YouTube channel where we're going to talk about everything technology.  I'm Eric Garrison, the owner of WTE Solutions and the brain behind the technology company.  

We cover home automation, business automation, and startup companies. On this channel, we'll also cover a lot of gadget technology. We'll also review the latest gadgets that are coming on to the market or introduced at the most recent CES shows. We’ll throw in a little bit of AI and maybe a little bit of fun talk about gaming technologies and stuff on that side. 

Every day we are touching technology and using a lot of the latest and greatest stacks such as kubernetes, AI from chat GPT, and many other providers as well as the public clouds like AWS. We're here to navigate you through those waters of those technology stacks and apply how they can work for your business. For over 25 years we've been creating technology for our clients, some of them small, some of them large. We work a lot with financial and healthcare clients creating AI technologies, automation technologies and helping improve their business processes.