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In our digital-first world, having the right tech partner is crucial. WTE Solutions combines innovation, strategy, and expertise to unlock blue oceans of opportunity. From domain registration to custom software development, every step of your digital journey wins hearts, engages minds, and earns loyalty. Together, let's craft something magical.

Our Tech Solutions

Creating magical digital-first experiences isn’t about size. It’s about fit, creativity, and innovation. We love tech’s constant tumult from AI to the cloud and the LEGO-like API revolution. For over a quarter-century, led by tech wizard Eric Garrison, we’ve worked with partners to help customers like you solve marketing and digital puzzles. We knit technology in ways that surprise, serve, and inspire...so please explore our services, and let’s do some knitting.

At our core? A relentless drive to stabilize through innovation. We love helping clients discover new ways to use technology (especially artificial intelligence AI) to save time and money with automation because every interaction counts.

Our digital first services help companies adapt to the digital age by optimizing processes for speed and agility, developing intuitive customer-centric apps, leveraging data and AI for decision making.

We leverage scalable, on-demand, self-service access to compute, storage, and networking resources via the internet to provide flexible and cost-effective IT solutions for your business needs.

Our artificial intelligence services leverage machine learning to build customized solutions that automate processes, draw insights from data, improve decision-making, and enable natural language processing for your business.

Our cybersecurity services assist organizations in safeguarding data and systems, ensuring compliance with regulations and implementing robust access controls and threat detection.

Our enterprise management services help organizations digitally transform by optimizing operations, boosting productivity, enhancing collaboration, creating intuitive customer experiences, and leveraging data for strategic insights and innovation.

Our intelligent industry services give businesses a competitive edge by leveraging data and AI to identify new business models, tackle industrial challenges, boost production efficiency, reduce costs, and drive product and process innovations.

Digital Solutions Expertise

We use AWS and other cloud partners such as Google Cloud and Meraki to safely code, test, and host websites, applications, and “virtual” servers, while providing the experience in tech, business strategy, marketing, and automation that makes our development company unique. Our knowlege and experience coupled with partnerships with trusted security and content companies mean you can be secure, creative, and efficient without overloading your team. Let us be your digital solution experts so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

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Just for Start-ups: WTE's Startup Incubator

If you're an entrepreneur with a great idea, we may be willing to invest technology behind your vision. Put our entrepreneurial spirit to work to make your dream a reality. We're looking for entrepreneurs with dreams as vast as the horizon. We offer more than a desk, tech, or checks; but a village of expert mentors, a classroom of continuous learning, and a safety net of coaching, funds, and support. Minimal Viable Products help startups test, iterate, and refine, and our Startup Incubator could help bring your dream to life. Apply to join our inspiring community soon.