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Scalable Cloud Tech

We harness emerging cloud tech to transform enterprises. Our solutions leverage AI, ML, and IoT across the digital and physical, optimizing your entire value chain. Boost efficiency and conversion while lowering costs, and make informed data-driven decisions. Let us accelerate your operations, infrastructure, and innovation capabilities.

What We Do

Migration Strategy and Roadmap

Too often migration focuses solely on technical specifications: bandwidth, storage, and stacks upgraded in isolation. We formulate comprehensive migration strategies that widen the lens from technical to trustworthy transformation.

Security, Compliance, and Governance

Some see compliance as a necessary evil - restrictions raining down on coding dreams! But we know better. True security sets innovation free! Data security & compliance are critical in any software development or migration project.

Business Continuity

Designing resilient cloud architecture ensures your systems and data remain highly available, even in the event of disruptions. Too often "availability" means just keeping infrastructure alive, being reactive rather than resilient.

Zero Trust Security

With high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches, security is more critical than ever. Our Zero Trust model assumes that threats can come from anywhere so you won't be taken by surprise.

Seamless Scalability

Too often companies outgrow their infrastructure right when innovation takes flight. But adaptability is the foundation we offer, providing flexible cloud solutions that effortlessly scale with the evolving needs of your business.

Resource Optimization

Maximizing capability while minimizing spend is the heart of efficient cloud usage. We optimize your cloud usage by providing visibility so your business can make data-backed decisions - using only what you need when you need it.

Simplified IT Management

Picture an IT infrastructure that practically cares for itself! Our team's monitoring detects not just errors, but possibilities and we can develop a resource stack that that self-heals. Spend less time fighting fires!

Edge Computing

Needs met in the moment they emerge is the promise of edge computing. No longer chained to far-off servers where latency leaves hands tied, and interact in real-time for open doors to services shaped by presence, not process.

The Solution

At WTE Solutions, we use the cloud to transform enterprise operations. Our solutions modernize core processes, streamline infrastructure, and enable agile development models. We architect multi-cloud platforms to optimize use of leading providers. Proprietary methods integrate hybrid and multi-cloud systems for maximum efficiency. Our experts design cloud-native apps, leveraging pre-compiled solutions for scale and sustainability. Integrated analytics and automation optimize performance. Distributing workloads to Kubernetes and scalable systems eliminate the “It is Slow” support call. Let us bring your operations to the cloud.

The Results

We are your strategic partner for a smooth and successful cloud transformation. Our expertise in cloud migration and managed services simplifies your transition to a modern, efficient cloud architecture tailored to your needs. Leveraging partnerships with hyperscaler leaders, we provide access to the latest cloud innovations while ensuring security, availability, and compliance. We handle every aspect of your cloud environment so you can focus on core business priorities. Our solutions unlock the cloud’s potential to drive innovation, collaboration, and competitive advantage. With our guidance, you can harness the cloud’s agility to continuously launch ideas that disrupt and lead your industry.

Strategic Cloud Migration for Improved Efficiency and Agility

Transform your business with a strategic cloud migration that boosts efficiency and agility. Our expertise helps smooth your transition to a modern, adaptive cloud architecture tailored to your needs. We assess readiness, map detailed plans, and seamlessly execute cloud integrations to minimize disruption. Our partnerships with leading hyperscalers provide access to the latest cloud innovations in automation, analytics, AI and more to future-proof your infrastructure. Compliance assurances and rigorous security measures safeguard your data while our geo-redundant storage and automatic updates ensure high availability and business continuity. With our cloud solutions, you gain optimized cost-efficiency, scalability, and simplified IT management.

Full-Service Managed Cloud for Seamless Operations

At WTE Solutions, Our comprehensive managed services oversee your cloud environment so you can focus on your core business. We handle maintenance, optimization, and security monitoring while providing real-time visibility into usage and spend. With infrastructure as a service, you only pay for the resources used, avoiding waste. Our platform as a service simplifies development and deployment of cloud-based apps. Multi-tenant architecture shares resources securely for greater savings. Whether public, private or hybrid, we help design the right cloud mix tailored to your workloads and compliance needs. Our experts become an extension of your team, guiding you through every step of your cloud journey.

Innovating in the Cloud for Competitive Advantage

The cloud unlocks game-changing capabilities to build a culture of innovation. Our solutions leverage leading-edge cloud technologies like containers, serverless computing, and microservices architecture to rapidly develop, test, and launch ideas. Cloud-native development streamlines coding and deployment of inventive applications. Built-in automation, monitoring, and scaling simplify IT management so your teams can experiment freely. With cloud-powered collaboration and data insights, you gain the agility to continuously roll out enhancements that excite customers and disrupt markets. We help you tap into the cloud’s potential to become an industry innovator. If you have read this far on the page, you are someone that should be talking to WTE SOLUTIONS. Reach out and let's talk: 1-866-994-7467, ask for Eric Garrison.


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