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iOS NameDrop Concerns for kids' privacy

Is Your Kids' Privacy Really at Stake? Unpacking the iOS 17 NameDrop Controversy. In this video, we’ll demystify the actual privacy implications of iOS 17’s NameDrop. We’ll also show you exactly how to disable NameDrop if you remain concerned about the feature.

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Transcript Intro
"In the news - a number of local police departments sent out a privacy warning about the iOS 17 update for iPhones. The update includes a feature that allows for contact information to easily be shared. The feature is called..." "Local law enforcement agencies are spreading awareness about the latest iPhone update. It offers a new feature that allows you to easily share your contact information." "Local law enforcement agencies are warning folks about a new feature on your iPhone." Wait a minute what Scarlet, Taylor, and many others don't have right are the facts on this feature.

The Facts
This feature does allow you to share contact information with other users. It doesn't allow somebody to passively scan and steal your contact information. So if you notice here, when you put the phones together, it brings up and has the share feature option. So, like here on mine, it brings up exactly what I'm about to share with the other user. I think that the reporters have been doing shares with people who are in their contact list. If this feature has you scared and you want to protect your children, here is how you can turn it off. 

How to Turn It Off
To secure the iPhone, let's go into the settings. And we're going to go to the search box and type in drop and go into the airdrop settings. For best security, let's turn "receiving" off to keep people from sending us airdrop requests. As well as "bring devices together." This is going to stop that name drop feature and keep them from being able to share contact information via the nearfield communication on the phone.

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