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Top Pet GPS Trackers: Ring, Findster, and FI Collar Comparison

Explore the world of pet tracking devices with a comprehensive review of Ring's unique Pet Tracker, Findster's GPS Pet Tracker, and the rugged FI Collar. Discover how these innovative products can help you keep a close eye on your furry friends.

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Transcript In this week's Tech Talk, we're going to cover the newest offering from Ring as well as GPS enabled technology that will allow you to keep track of where your pet has wandered. 

One unique device is Ring's new pet tracker. It's a QR code tag that attaches to your pet's collar. If someone finds your wandering pet, they can scan the code to access your contact details and pet health info through the app. The downside is there's no GPS, so you have to rely on someone scanning the tag if your pet gets lost. 

Findster is the GPS Pet Tracker free of monthly fees. The next generation of pet tracking devices. Simply attach it to your pet's collar and track their location and activity on your phone in real time without any subscription. The Findster has an impressive tracking range. It's completely waterproof and has a long lasting battery life. It gets rave reviews for its accuracy and ease of use.

Finally, we have the the FI collar. This GPS entry is one of the smartest and most rugged. Check out this collar
that will surely keep up with your pet.