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Quick Fix for Apple AirTags Battery Replacement

Learn how to give your #AirTags a new lease on life by replacing the battery yourself! In this DIY tutorial, tech vlogger Eric Garrison walks you through the process of opening up your AirTag case, removing the old battery, and installing a new one. With a new battery installed, your AirTags will be good as new!

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Transcript Most people know what these are – the Apple air tag - wildly popular. A lot of you are saying “yes, I know what those are. I bought them about 18 to 24 months ago and for no reason they just quit working.” Well, the reason they quit working is probably that the battery has gone dead and all you need to do is buy some of these: the cr2032s. Eric holds up battery package). That's not the year that they expire, that is the battery ID that tells you the 2032 is the battery size. 
Now one thing you'll notice about these Duracells is that they have the protective child coating on so its Child Secure. This battery is coated with a covering on the front and back of it that is not compatible with Apple Air tags and some other electronics. What we need to do is take that coating off of the battery before we install it. If I install it right now into the air tag it's not going to work for me. We're in an office building and we have a lot of cleaning supplies around here. I'm just using simple (white) vinegar. You probably can use rubbing alcohol as well or some window cleaners, but I have found that the cleaning (white) vinegar here has worked very well. (Eric wets cloth with white vinegar). I am going to rub it on the back side of the battery and the coating is getting a little gel-like. We'll just wipe that off. We're going to do the same to the front side. It's most important to get the back side and to get it (the battery) nice and dry.
We've removed the covering from the back side of the battery now what we're going to do is we're going to take the air tag out of its holder. We're going to quickly just turn that (the metal cover) counterclockwise and remove the cover. It's going to reveal the battery, likely a Panasonic, we're going to drop that old battery out now. Next, we're going to place the new battery, with the writing side up and our new clean surface down. The bottom of the air tag is where the sensor is it needs to pick up the new battery. (electronic chirping) So that's a good sign, we're hearing the chirping. That's what you want to hear. 
Put the cover back on the air tag. You want to make sure it sits down in there and locks in good. The reason is these are waterproof. Don't know if you know that they're waterproof to about one meter for about 30 minutes. They may or may not survive a trip through the washing machine but if you drop your keys into a little bit of water, it's not going to ruin the air tag. 
We're going to put this back in here (snaps the tag back into the frame) and now what we're going to do is check the app. We're going to open up the “Find my” app here on the phone. (Screen shifts to show phone display). What we're going to notice is that the battery now shows that it is back to working percentage.  It also shows that the next thing I need to do is swap out the air tag on my airpod Pro case!
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