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Features of the PointShop Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

PointShop Enterprise is comprised of a wide array of features to help launch custom e-commerce websites that are rich and engaging, yet surprisingly simple to create, update and navigate.

 Customization Features

  • Innovative Architecture - PointShop Enterprise contains architecture based on current industry standards, so offers a smaller learning curve. The architecture is adaptable to meet the unique design and function needs of an online store. Override each layer of Business Logic, Data Access, Integration and User Interface independently, for a custom product.
  • Custom Product Pages - Create catalog pages that provide detailed information, instructions, reviews, images and more for each of your products and/or services. Employ CSS stylesheets and ASP.NET Master pages to fully customize the User Interface with your site.
  • Flexible Storefront - C# libraries, using N-Tier best practices and SQL Server database are included to allow direct modification of the storefront’s behavior. Over 20 C# libraries are provided to ensure ultimate flexibility.
  • Deploy Rules Without Downtime - Use Independent DLL’s to deploy the most complex without re-deploying the complete storefront. Deploy customized rules for Shipping, Promotions, Taxes and more with PointShop Enterprise’s innovative rules engine.

Administration Made Easy

  • Manage Products and Promotions - Administration tools are easy to use and understand. Now almost anyone can manage the content with little to no training or experience. A simple interface acts similar to creating documents in Microsoft Word, allowing ease of uploading and managing products, promotions and content.
  • Role-Based Access - Assign access by role: Customer Service Rep, Content Editor, Administrator, Executive and more. Each role has pre-set access to change certain content. You can also create custom roles providing the utmost in access control security.
  • Customizable Product Detail Page - Manage product attributes through PointShop Enterprise. Set requirements for adding to cart such as size or color; or set up optional add-ons such as gift wrapping. These specifics can be ties to a single SKU for precise inventory tracking and order fulfillment. 
  • Design Your Shipping Options - PointShop Enterprise takes the hassle out of setting up shipping options by providing real-time integration with UPS and FedEx. As shipping options vary from business to business, the shipping rules engine is fully customizable.
  • Compute Taxes Easily - The PointShop Enterprise tax engine computes taxes based on variables such as county, state, country, class and more. Use this highly configurable tax engine, or use the middleware web services for taxes from external services.
  • Manage Internal Orders - Employee or internal orders will be sent to the appropriate manager as “Pending Approval”. The manager can review then approve or reject the internal order with this steps and status enhancement to order workflow.

Full SEO and Marketing

  • SEO Best Practices Pre-Loaded - PointShop Enterprise is pre-loaded with features like an advanced 301 redirect. When products have been switched or changed, the pages will update automatically. All generated code is optimized for maximum SEO.
  • SEO Login Allows External Management - No additional development is required if outside firm is managing SEO campaigns. A separate SEO login allows access to manage SEO, without allowing access to sensitive information such as order and customer data.
  • Create Varied Pricing Schemes - Offer multiple pricing options with PointShop Enterprise technology, such as promotional, bulk, wholesale, full retail and sale pricing. Create different pricing using profiles for each option.
  • Add Custom Promotions - Design custom promotions for your site. PointShop Enterprise’s simple administration tools ensure that you can quickly and easily create and change promotions, no marketing department required. 
  • Feature Specific Items - Increase sales by featuring various products easily with PointShop Enterprise. Promote related items on a product page, feature seasonal items or special on home page, create and update best seller lists and more to boost sales.

Seamless Integration

  • Integrate PointShop Enterprise Easily - Third-party applications can download and upload data in real time with True Integration Middleware API. Integration is seamless with Microsoft and non- Microsoft based systems, and back-office systems like CMS, ERP, Accounting and more.
  • Data Management Made Easy - Easily edit catalog and customer data using familiar desktop tools like Microsoft Excel. PointShop Enterprise’s data manager makes it easy to download or upload additional data.
  • Web Connector for QuickBooks and Other Accounting/Point-Of-Sale Packages - Adapter allows for real-time integration with Professional, Enterprise and Manufacturing editions of Intuit QuickBooks.

Shopping Cart & Checkout

  • Custom Checkout Process - Compliment the appearance of your website by customizing the checkout. PointShop Enterprise makes product ordering and checkout quick and easy for your customers.
  • PCI Security - PCI-compliant shopping cart features ensure that shoppers can check out with confidence. Efficient cart procedures reduce cart abandonment.
  • Expedite Attribute Selection - Attributes such as size and color, and add-on options like gift wrapping can be tied to specific SKU’s. This insures proper ordering and expedites check out process.
  • PointShop Enterprise Supports Multiple Payment Options - Fit your customers’ needs by accepting a variety of payment options. Payment gateways such as Nova, Paymentech Orbital, WorldPay, PSI Gate, Authorize.Net, and Verisign/PayPal are supported. The payment system can also b easily extended to connect to other gateways.
  • Quick Add to Cart - Make shopping quick and easy for your customers with the Quick Add to Cart option. This allows shoppers to verify any selected product options and add the product to the cart directly from the product page. Customizable to show product details and to add options of proceeding directly to the cart or checkout page.