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Tech Talks with Eric

Get an insider's view on the latest tech from our CEO, Eric Garrison, in WTE's Tech Talks videos. Join us for the low-down on tech topics everyone's talking about (or tech they're not).

What is this Tech Talk all about?

Eric draws on 20+ years of leading top tech companies to deliver comprehensive guidance. His real-world experience helps clients win loyalty through engaging digital experiences and strategic tech solutions. We'll break down complex topics into actionable insights you can leverage to adopt emerging tech, streamline systems, and work smarter. From AI to 5G, learn to harness digital transformation as a competitive edge.

Through relatable examples, Q&As, and discussions, Eric accelerates your tech IQ. Tech Talks cut through the hype to focus on practical tools with proven ROI. Let our expertise help you maximize productivity, delight customers, and future-proof your tech stack.